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I’m Effie Bradley, writer and lover of all things literary. Every few weeks I’ll post a new free story here for your enjoyment. Have fun, let me know how you’re getting on with your own stories, and don’t forget to share!

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Jeff was thirty-six the day Dave moved into the semi-detached next door. There he was, about to open his presents, when the moving van mounted the pavement in a roar of diesel. Men piled out, shouting and laughing as they took the boxes out of the back. So many boxes. Watching through the front window,Continue reading “Lockdown”

Sugar Cage

He took her there on one of those hot desert nights when the wind is still stifling, as if at any minute there might be a thunderstorm. Though there never is. She took two lungfuls of the burning air on the walk from the lobby to the car, and nearly coughed at the heat. Inside,Continue reading “Sugar Cage”

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